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Tomarra Adams, Ph.D.

Headshot of Tomarra Adams

Title: Dean of Undergraduate Education

– Started at Spalding in: August 2018
– Majored in: Psychology (BA), Social Work (MSSW, Ph.D.)
– Best advice ever read/received: “Stay out of your own way.” This means there are things we do to complicate our own progress towards our goal. Keep it simple. Recognize when YOU are your barrier and get out of the way. This may even be changing your mindset/outlook.
– Favorite singer/band: No one specific person…I do love late 70s and 80s music – always brings up some wonderful memories!
– Favorite dessert: Peach cobbler a la mode
– Proudest accomplishment: Outside of my personal life, I’m very proud of every student I’ve advised/mentored/taught. I believe my accomplishment is helping them to develop the vision and pathway of who they want to be and support their work to actualize that. All of the programs I’ve ever created had this as its foundation.
– 3 things to have on a desert island: Food, clean drinkable water, and shelter (preferably with AC)