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Retention Summit 2021

On behalf of the Retention Summit Planning Committee, we’d like to thank you again for participating in the 1st Annual Retention Summit. If you weren’t able to attend, we are glad you are taking time to view the recording of the Summit. The day was filled with amazing presentations from our colleagues across campus as well as EAB who discussed the state of Higher Education in a post-vaccine era as well as a year in review on Navigate.

The day brought idea sharing and conversation about how to use data and create feedback loops to support our students. We are sharing with you the survey to provide feedback to help us continue to make the Summit a successful event. You will find the recordings of the presentations here as well as the slide decks used during the presentations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or any of the committee members.

Committee Members:
Leah Cover
Sean Campbell
Kimberly Palmore
Susan Nicholson
Nikki Shedletsky

We look forward to hearing from you.

Retention Summit Survey

Retention Summit (video of main room activity – includes: EAB State of Higher Education, Navigate: Year in Review, and Lighting our Lamps (presentation by Rob)).

Retention Summit Agenda

EAB Slide Presentations (video in main video)

EAB State of Higher Education Post-Vaccine era (Presentation Slides)

Navigate at Spalding Univ. – A Year In Review (Presentation Slides)

Rob’s Presentation (video in main video)
Rob – Lighting our Lamps (Presentation Slides)

E Dyer Student Retention and Persistence Summit (Dr. Dyer’s notes that Rob shared during his presentations)

Breakout Room Presentations & Videos (individual videos and presentation links)

Closing the Loop _ SU Retention Summit 2021 (Presentation Slides)

Closing the Loop (Video)

Retention Summit Presentation- UAC Continuity of Care (Presentation only)

Retention Presentation – Financial Aid (Presentation Slides)

Financial Aid Video (Video – 10 seconds from start is missing)

Mental Health Support During a Pandemic (Presentation Slides)

Mental Health Support During a Pandemic (Video)

Spalding University College of Education Candidate Dispositions Evaluation and Support Process (Document only)

Retention Summit College of Education (Presentation Slides)

College of Education Presentation Recording (Video)